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19:24 | 20.04.2013


Strawberries and blood in the fields of Manolada: three gun-touting supervisors arrested for shooting immigrants working in the fields

'The shooting of migrant workers in Manolada, who were claiming payment for their work, is a criminal and racist act,' says Syriza, main opposition party of Greece

Greek police have issued a statement confirming that they have detained the three supervisors thought to be responsible for opening fire on Bangladeshi workers who had gathered to demand payment for their work. The injured men, 29 in total, were taken to hospitals in the area for emergency treatment and seven remain in critical condition on Friday with shot wounds all over their bodies.

'Compassionate' Dendias visits Manolada

One day after the incident caused international outrage, the public order minister Nikos Dendias rushed to visit the site and in an unusually compassionate vein pledged that the victims would not be expelled from Greece.

The greek public order minister, N. Dendias, talking to migrant workers in Manolada. Around them the bofyguards of the minister...

But this is surely something which should be regarded as a given fact and not presented as a concession. And let us not forget that Mr Dendias is the orchestrator of 'Xenios Dias' - a programme responsible for the summary expulsion of many immigrants.

After speaking with local police chiefs, Mr Dendias added that the brutal assault is contrary not only to Greek law but every sense of humanity and has no relation with Greek culture. He also admitted that there is a lack of support in the wider community and that reforms are needed.

And so the man who has penned 5,000 people into 'concentration camps' - people like those who work in the strawberry fields of Manolada -   presents himself as the saviour of the immigrant workers who were shot by their supervisors, and pledges things which should be taken for granted.

Statement from Syriza

'The shooting of migrant workers in Manolada, who were claiming payment for their work, is a criminal and racist act,' says Syriza in a statement about the incident. 'It is essential that justice should be done immediately.'

Workers from Manolada talking to the contingent of SYRIZA, in the semi-ruined houses they live in

A contingent from Syriza visited the immigrants' camp on Friday morning and spoke to workers in the ramshackle tents in which they live and also with local farmers and residents.

A detailed chronicle of the events (in greek)

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