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19:09 | 12.11.2014


Τα γκράφιτι της Αθήνας στον Guardian (φωτογραφίες)

Η πόλη της κρίσης, εμπνέει τον φωτογραφικό φακό της εφημερίδας Guardian, που παρουσιάζει εντυπωσιακά ελληνικά γκράφιτι

Η φωτογραφική παρουσίαση στην ιστοσελίδα του Guardian:

A new portrait of Plato, a man famed for his views on the state, who warned that cities ‘will have no rest from evils’ until political power and philosophy coincide
This piece depicts a casualty of Greece’s current economic fortune, a feeling shared by many of the artists whose work adorns the walls of the city
A recurring theme in contemporary graffiti on the streets of Athens is one of economic repression and class strife
Complex political concepts are condensed onto single walls by artists wanting to express their frustrations or views on the current political climate
Much of the talented graffiti art is celebrated for adding colour to the streets of Athens
See no evil? While some are bright and jaunty, many of the street artworks in the Greek capital allude to deeper worries
Paws for thought? While some graffiti art is explicit in its messages, other pieces are more ambiguous
Surveillance by the state also features highly in the minds of graffiti artists in Athens
Some of the graffiti art in Athens offers feelings of hope and aspiration
Some of the contemporary graffiti works are complex in both size and scale
 this Greek graffiti artist pays homage to man’s best friend
These cerebral works stand side by side in Athens, a city renowned as a base of western philosophy
The Athens graffiti is illustrative of many styles, with new images on show around every street corner
Walls are adorned with works of contemporary graffiti on the streets of Athens
Live fast, die young. This graffiti artist shares their own philosophy of sorts in this mural work
A blessing from above? Athens is anointed by a graffiti artist who is perhaps worthy of higher praise
An oracle for the future? Whatever is around the corner for Greece, it is clear that the talented street artists of Athens will continue their impressive work

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