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22:14 | 10.02.2013


Torturing of Greek Police's detainees: New evidence disproves the Minister of Public Order

The press conference given by local police directors, immediately after the arrest, disproves the Minister of Citizen Protection, N.Dendia and the internal administrative investigation.

They confess openly that the perpetrators actually surrendered, that the operation ended bloodlessly and without injuries and that the police did not know, a hostage was in the car, thus also disproving the claim that the alleged scuffle took place for his release. 
(See the video: at minutes 8.07, 10.10, 11.51 and 12.30).

The Police Chiefs made no reference to a clash, but to "neutralization" of the perpetrators, while saying that there were no injuries. If a clash so hard as to cause such wounds to the arrestees had occurred, wouldn’t the police directors, who are making a quite detailed description of the arrests, refer to it?

So, in unsuspected time, just one day after the arrest and before all the noise about the torturing of the detainees arose, the local police directors themselves describe arrests without any great difficulty other than persecution.

Greek police photoshop marks of heavy beatings of arrestees

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