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21:08 | 02.06.2012



SYRIZA ready for the election battle

Article from the left daily “AVGI”, issue Nr 11419, 30 May 2012

SYRIZA declares that it is ready for the new election battle and on Friday the party will present its current policy platform. The new communication campaign was initiated with its slogan “The Memorandum is history. We open the road to hope. Overthrow in Greece – Change in Europe”. Meantime, SYRIZA’s leader Alexis Tsipras has begun a new round of campaigning across the country, primarily visiting the areas he did not visit prior to the 6th May election. SYRIZA is not hiding its satisfaction at the destruction of rumours that Greece will leave the Eurozone. The leader of SYRIZA has characterised the comments by the Head of the IIF, Charles Dallara (and scores of EU dignitaries) as denouncing the alarmist rumours of the local ‘Talibans of the Memorandum’.

The Left’s attention is focused on ongoing open community discussions and the recruitment of new members. Today Alexis Tsipras will take part in a discussion in Keratea (8pm) at the Agios Dimitrios Square. SYRIZA has also been boosted internally by the continuous declarations of support from the community. Slavoj Žižek, a world-renowned intellectual, arrives in Greece on Sunday to attend a function of SYRIZA with Alexis Tsipras. Žižek’s article “Save us from the Saviours” was published online a few days ago, in which he declared his support for SYRIZA’s political platform. 

This morning, Alexis Tsipras will meet with representatives from the “Greek Ecological Left” (GEL) after which the GEL will give a Press conference formalising its support for the coalition. The leader of SYRIZA will also meet today with the President of Kinoniki Simfonia (Social Contract), Louka Katselis, who will also provide her support. At yesterday’s Press conference Panos Skourletis, SYRIZA’s media spokesperson, clarified that no change will take place in the ballots of the Coalition. In other words that ‘the order of the ballots will remain as they were in the last elections”. He added that SYRIZA remains open to any political party or individuals that want to give support “without strings attached”.

Categorical rejection of collaboration with ‘old PASOK’

At the same Press conference SYRIZA’s spokesperson, P. Skourletis, categorically rejected recent rumours circulating on the internet that SYRIZA was looking to enter into a collaboration with the ‘deep, old PASOK’ and former ‘Green’ members of the Trade Union movement, and further rejected that they would be given leading positions within SYRIZA’s offices at Koumoundourou. “The internet communications have no basis in reality. The reality is that we’ve been approached by scores of people who used to support PASOK, and that is why there is panic” was Skourletis’ response to the rumours.

SYRIZA’s MP, Dimitris Papadimoulis, was equally unambiguous in his Twitter comment saying, “There is no question of Fotopoulos for SYRIZA. This is cheap propaganda from New Democracy and PASOK, which continues despite our denials.” In relation to the debate P. Skourletis repeated that SYRIZA is open to any form of televised dialogue. “We don’t want to exclude any political force, nor do we deny our participation in a debate with Mr A. Samaras [head of the main right-wing party Nea Dimokratia]” he said.

“We await their policies’’

SYRIZA’s current policies will be announced by Alexis Tsipras at the meeting hall “Athinaida” and will consist of four key themes: Economy; Society-Work; Democracy-political system; and, Foreign Policy and Defence. “We await their policies” Skourletis said, and with a mocking tone he noted that the cadres of Nea Dimokratia limit their critique to SYRIZA’s policies and avoid responding to questions about their own policies. The cadres of the renovating and radical left, in a counter attack, accuse Nea Dimokratia that, aside from the generalities of the need to renegotiate the Memorandum, it has only one commitment to present to the Greek people - which is nothing other than the signing of the Memorandum Mark II. In other works, the signing of new measures of pension and wage cuts, new public sector cuts, and a continuation of an approach that will lead to the destruction of Greek society. Particular emphasis is given to the fact that the two parties, PASOK and Nea Dimokratia, were the ones that hastened “under the cloak of darkness’’ to support the “Agreement of Fiscal Stability” that underpins the European austerity policies.

The leadership of SYRIZA assesses the communication strategy of A. Samaras as being an attempt to reignite “civil war type” divisiveness in order to divert attention from the crucial everyday issues faced by the Greek people. Furthermore, SYRIZA’s leadership expresses its concern for the blackmailing campaign that is appearing in the workplaces, large corporations and banks. P. Skourletis yesterday announced that there has been a significant increase in the complaints by workers against their employers for anti-democratic measures - including blackmailing them to not vote for SYRIZA at the next elections. The leadership of SYRIZA is firm in stating that it will not back down from the ‘battle’ against such intimidatory methods. Indeed, the representative of SYRIZA left open the possibility of reinstating provisions to consider shareholder ownership of the Mass Media. He underlined the fact that one of SYRIZA’s first priorities is to work against the corruption accelerated by the interweaving interests of Media owners, big business and politicians. 

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