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16:55 | 14.07.2013


The New York-based Campaign for Peace and Democracy greets the founding congress of Syriza

The New York-based Campaign for Peace and Democracy greets the founding congress of Syriza with enthusiasm and hope.

In his opening speech to the Congress, Alexis Tsipras said that there is a specter hovering over Europe -- the specter of Syriza. We would add that this specter looms worldwide. Bankers, corporate executives, capitalist politicians, neoliberal opinion-makers, all, not just those in Europe, are afraid that you will succeed in challenging their right to rule -- that a government of the left in Greece will threaten their plans to reduce working people everywhere to a defenseless, disorganized, impoverished mass -- that it will be a powerful example to those who are resisting in every corner of the globe. 

Right now, Greece is a laboratory for a cruel experiment by Europe's economic and political elite, an experiment that is being watched closely by our rulers in the United States. Together, we must make sure that their experiment fails utterly and ignominiously.

The "specter" of Syriza is a vision that inspires us. You are an example, pointing the way forward for Americans as well as Greeks and other Europeans. The magnificent resistance of the Greek people offers inspiration and encouragement to those in our country who are struggling against austerity, school closings, anti-union legislation, superpower domination of the world, and the deadly threat to demoracy posed by the enormous growth of the security state -- all of which have continued and in some cases even intensified under the Obama adminstration. Syriza itself provides a model of political independence. What the U.S. left, labor and social movements need more than anything is the breakup of the neoliberal and imperialist consensus of the two-party system and the formation of their own political party. In that respect, we in Americacan learn much from Syriza.

We wish you a great triumph. The Campaign for Peace and Democracy will be watching you with intense interest. We will do everything we can to support Syriza and the wider struggle against austerity in Greece and to build solidarity among the American people. Long live the specter of real democracy and social justice! 

Tom Harrison and Joanne Landy, Co-Directors Campaign for Peace and Democracy


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