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19:59 | 13.06.2013


Message of Solidarity from Andrew Dettmer, National President of AMWU

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union represents over 130000 workers

It was with absolute amazement and dismay that our union heard the news about the blackout of media by the Greek government. 

Following your visit here, many trade unionists and progressive activists have followed developments in Greece with renewed knowledge and interest. The events of the last couple of days in Greece make all of us believe that your Government has turned the corner from the misplaced and anti-worker policies of austerity into a potentially fascist state. 

Please be assured of the continued support of your comrades in the AMWU. I would be happy if you could pass this message on to comrades in Syriza and the Greek trade union movement. 

In solidarity. 

Andrew Dettmer

National President


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