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12:22 | 01.07.2015


Greek government: Nine solidarity measures in view of the July 5 referendum

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has announced nine measures for the relief of –mostly – low-pensioners and unemployed people, who are affected the most by the closure of banks imposed indirectly by Greece’s lenders.

The Deputy Minister, Mr. Christos Spirtzis, said at the press conference on Monday: “There are times when we have to show our solidarity to special groups who have been seriously affected by the crisis. We must roll up our sleeves and overcome the problems. I believe this is something that must be done in order to keep Greece an independent and sovereign country.”

These are the nine measures the Ministry has announced:

  1. Free transportation until July 6 for all the citizens on Athens’ public transport system. The measure is estimated to cost 4-5 million euros for the seven-day period and will extend if the bank holiday continues. The measure does not include the suburban railway [proastiakos] and the OSE [Greek railway Organization] trains.

  2. The measure of free transportation for all the unemployed that are registered in OAED [Manpower employment Organization] will become permanent. The extension of the measure to towns with a private transport system is under consideration.

  3. All administrative fines for not paying tickets or tolls will be written off with special legislation. This will also include cases where the fines have been finalized and are in the process of being paid. “Unemployed people cannot pay fines of 45,000 euros,” stated the Deputy Minister.

  4. Removal of “headhunters” who check passengers on buses and trolleys - without being regular ticket inspectors - and get a commission on fines.

  5. The Athens Water Company [EYDAP] will freeze water supply cuts on households with overdue water bills for the period the banks are closed.

  6. IKA and OGA pensions will be paid in full to those who have chosen to be paid by mail.

  7. Suspension of cuts on landline phones, mobile phones and internet connections with overdue bills. OTE, Vodafone and Wind have already responded positively to the request.

  8. The national roads contractors have been requested to facilitate the citizens who will travel to vote in the referendum. Their response will be officially announced after the meeting that has been arranged for Wednesday.

  9. A team will be set up at the Ministry for registering complaints and will be working round the clock.

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