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12:19 | 14.02.2013


Athens: Riot police attacks brutally youth demonstrators and MPs

Young people and MPs from SYRIZA (greece's second largest party) staged a peaceful demonstration in the offices of a government official, in Athens today, and faced the attack of the riot police, leading to injuries.

The riot police is spayring directly the demonstrations in a main street of Athens'- more photos from here  here

Young people from SYRIZA, Greece’s second largest party, staged a demonstration early this morning in the office of G. Mergos, general secretary of the Ministry of Finance. They unrolled a banner («nobody can live on 500€»), put up a few posters and then went down to the building’s entrance. The reason for their demonstrations was mr. Mergos’ statements for new cuts to minimum wage, which has already dropped to 586€ after after last year's 22% decrease.

 As members of SYRIZA youth unrolled their banner on the sidewalk, they were brutally  attacked by the riot police, suddenly and without any justification. Few people were beaten and sprayed with tear-gas in close distance. K. Barkas and V. Diamantopoulos, both Members of the Parliament, were also beaten.  Later on, they were taken to the hospital and head and leg beatings were diagnosed to both of them.

SYRIZA commented on the event, saying that «Greece’s governent, and especially the Minister of Public Order, is in love with repression as it was proved today, February the 14th, with the attack to SYRIZA’s youth and the party’s members of the parliament», adding that «the governmetn thinks that by repressing social struggles, it will make young people, in a magical way, “forget” all about unemployment, unregistered labour,  and mass immigration to foreign countries. They make a huge mistake». 


More in Greek:

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