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13:09 | 17.08.2012


WE ARE THE PIGS: A road trip to the epicentre of the crisis.

A Belgian and a German are travelling throughout Greece for 25 days. Their mission is to listen.

They are fed up with a Media system that constantly reminds people that for their own sake, for the sake of Europe one have to soothe “the markets”. That the only way to survive would be to sacrifice our social welfare states, our rights as workers and individuals and our future.


The photo-journalistic project is called WE ARE THE PIGS. “PIGS” is the acronym for Portugal, Ireland and Italy, Greece and Spain – countries that are facing particular crisis (the Euro crisis, the financial crisis, the economic crisis, to shorten: The capitalist crisis). Who are the “pigs”?!? Do we do really cast pearls before swine, like Mass Media keeps telling us everyday?

Mareike Lambertz and Sonja Giese are on a 3000 km trip throughout Greece to collect the people’s stories and to see how they deal with everyday life in times of crisis. With photographs and words they want to show a part of a reality that is beyond figures of GDP, stock markets and rating agencies. 

 The Media produces meaning in our society. Since the outbreak of the crisis, Greek people have been put down by the yellow press and most of the mainstream Media to liars, cheaters, lazy bums and parasites. They have been told to sale their islands, to open gyros bank accounts, to leave the Eurozone and go to hell.

This is not only a stupid thing to do but it is also a dangerous way to keep the newspapers sales volume up: It paves the way for a new public discourse where countries that do not gratefully swallow  the destruction of their social state (also known in neoliberal-speech as ‘saving or rescue plan’ or  ’reform measures’) are stigmatised and discriminated against. 

A selection of Lambertz’ Giese’s’ works will be presented in an exhibition in Berlin in late autumn.

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