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16:08 | 18.06.2012


Wave of anti-migrant Nazi attacks in the hours after election results

On the night of an election that handed them 7% of the vote, the Nazis of Golden Dawn attacked in a number of places in Athens, as well as in other cities across Greece:

  • At the port city of Piraeus, around 80-100 members of the Nazi gang attacked a gathering of SYRIZA, beating up one of its members.

  • At the Attica metro station in Athens, a migrant was attacked by members of the same Nazi gang – see video shot by a passenger pretending to be on the phone:

  • In Chania, Crete, four nazis attacked two Algerian migrants in the early hours of Sunday. The two Algerians were sleeping at the beach of Nea Chora. The nazis attacked them with crowbars and knives, robbing their possessions (mobile phones, money and blankets). The two Algerians are currently hospitalised

Αναδημοσίευση από Occupied London
tags: elections, greece

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