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18:19 | 19.06.2012


A comment on the burnt ballot box in Exarcheia

What happened, was extremely unfortunate. Let me illustrate what is going on in Greece this year:

Thousands of people commit suicide, poverty rates are rising high, according to the official statistical rates, there are 1500000 unemployed people (mostly young people), common meals is the only way for many men and women from former middle class and poor people to feed themselves, children faint at schools out of starvation, several families in the countryside provide their families with cooking oil frorm the cemetery candles, pupils had no books at schools until April, thousands of families could not afford to turn on the heating during one of the most fierce winters ever in Greece and children having just a flu were remaining ill for weeks. There are tens of thousands homeless people on the streets for the first time after the political changeover, wages for young workers do not exceed 350 euros per month, unemployment benefit has been reduced to 370 euros, the vast majority of young people have no social security, pensions have been reduced, we are forced to pay for our medicines, etc... etc...

Within this context, neo-nazism is rising and social violence, too. What we are facing now, is a radical-centre right wing government and its parastate, Golden Dawn, in full unfolding. The latter, celebrated its “victory” by stabbing immigrants and attacking members of SYRIZA in Piraeus. 

To conclude with, what those “anarchists” did, thankfully, was not representative of the Greek anarchist movement. The “funniest” thing of all, is that they chose to burn ballot box in Exarcheia, a historical district in the city centre of Athens, where people would never have voted for the conservatives.

In any case, I state that I find this attitude 100% authoritarian and antisocial. Anti-authoritarians fight for and serve freedom with all our power, we don't patronise, we respect and we are struggling to make people understand that our values are the only ones that serve people's needs. From both the perspective of anti-authoritarianism and our values, as well as from the perspective of effectiveness, this was an action to be fiercely criticised. 

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